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Mount Pleasant, Michigan


email: ml3153@dreamt.biz

Dreamt Software has been developing databases since 1984 to supplement existing computer software
as well as designing complete systems for office operation.

Being personally involved with business applications as a sales manager and controller has given me experience far beyond that of textbook basics.

Dreamt Software's approach is "common sense" and ease of use.

Much of the development work is done on-site to assure that the application "grasps" the intended purpose of the program.

Utilizing cross-platform database applications have helped clients to make the best use of their computer equipment. Many have both Macintosh and PC platforms. Most applications are net-workable.

 Specialzing in:

  • Payroll
  • Personnel Management
  • Cemetery Management

Fremont Township Cemeteries


 Cemetery Presentation

 John R. Schimmelmann, Developer and Owner

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Sharon Township Cemeteries

Arcada Township Cemetery Bailey

Chippewa Township Cemeteries Broomfield North and South

Ferris Cemetery, Vestaburg

Echo Township, Central Lake, MI

Eden Township, Lakeside Cemetery

Lodi Township Cemetery

Wise Cemetery

Lincoln Township Cemetery

Irving Cemeteries

Orangeville Cemeteries

Winsor Cemetery Grandlawn

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