Sharon Township Cemeteries

Sharon Addition (SA) , Sharon Old (S), Sharon Hollow East (SHE) and West (SHW), North Sharon (HEW)


Included in this site are maps and plot owners of the cemetery.

Occupant Report for all Sharon Cemeteries




Below are the corresponding maps








Sharon Addition Sharon Sharon Hollow North Sharon (Heim)
MAP TRN1_5 TRN1_2 Row 1-7 WEST Row 1-8 TRN1_SHA18 MAP TRN1_HEW
  TRN1_2814 Row 8-14 EAST Row 1-8 TRN1_SHE18  
  TRN1_21518 Row 15-18    
  TRN1_21923 Row 19-23