Orangeville Township Cemeteries

There are two cemeteries in Orangeville Township, the largest being Oak Hill Cemetery on Lindsay Road and the smaller Brown Cemetery on South of the township hall on Lindsay Rd.

Included in this site are maps and directories of the cemeteries.

1. Locate occupants by clicking on the alphabetic listing. The file is in Adobe pdf format.

2. Look for last name in column 1

Oak Hill Maps

3. Column 3 indicates the cemetery, Column 4 the burial lot number, and POS indicates the burial
plot, either A B C D E F G H. "A" is always to the West. Many lots are sold in half sections, which is
indicated with a N1/2 or S1/2. N or North would be A and B, while S would be plots C and D.

4. Map locator number is the last column helps to locate the lot. Note the lot number and locator number.
From the list below select the map that corresponds with the Cemetery Name and Locator Number–not the lot number.
On the map there are two numbers in each box. The larger is the actual lot number, and the smaller the locator number.
The locator number reads from left to right. Once finding the locator number, you will find it corresponds with the actual lot number.

Old Part Locator 001-178

Old Part Locator 197-336



Brown MAP South

Nevins Addition


Block A Locator 001-504

Block A New Part LOC 514-648



Block D Locator 001-528

New Part (N)
Locator 345-666
Brown Cemetery Maps
Block C Locator 001-775




New Part (N1)
Locator 667-827




Single Lots (NPB) Locator 002-648


Single Lots (NP4) Locator 001-648